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Flexibility and affordability

Our prices start at $10/page, and the cost of your order is based on 4 major factors: your academic level, the number of pages, and the deadline. It’s a flexible policy because you can reduce the price of your paper by choosing a longer deadline. If your discipline is complex (for example, physics or chemistry), an extra 20% will be added to the price. You can see the breakdown of the total cost when you fill out the order form.

Free features

When you use our service, you get more than just writing help.

  • Free revisions. We guarantee to edit your paper if you find any errors in the final draft or if your writer fails to follow your instructions. You can use this feature before you approve your order. If you’ve already done it, you still have 7 days to ask for a free revision.
  • Free formatting. You can select any paper format/citation style, and we’ll complete your paper exactly as needed.
  • Free title page. The title page is not included in the page count because it’s technically part of the free formatting service.
  • Free bibliography. If you want us to reference some sources in your paper, we will cite them and organize the references list in accordance with the style you requested. The bibliography page is also not included in the page count.

Extra services

You can add some special features to your order for an additional price. For example, with our Smart paper service, your writer will leave comments in the file that will help you better understand the content, terms, references, etc. It adds 20% to the price of your order.

If you want to read the materials which we’ve referenced in your essay, you can get them by requesting a Copy of sources for 10% of your order price.

And for especially long papers, we recommend a Progressive delivery. Basically, we’ll split your order into parts and complete them one by one. You can pay for each section separately or make a one-time purchase. This service also adds 10% to the price of your order.